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FedUpFridayI and many of my neighbors have just about had it with one of our mail carriers. For me, the issue is him and one of our dogs.

Our inside dog, Pepper, is a little black Benji-looking mutt with a big mouth. On the days that I teach, she’s in the house in her crate until I get home to let her out. We have a tie-out in the front yard for her, as our Pitt-Rottweiler mix, Bear, rules the backyard. One day, I didn’t bring her back in before the mailman arrived and she started yapping her face off at him when he approached. Granted, mail carriers and dogs are not typically the best of friends, but this idiot swung and clunked her on the head with his mail bag for barking at him. And, of course, he did not deliver my mail that day. Oldest Son made a scene and Mr. Mailman said we wouldn’t ever get our mail if she was outside.

So, since that day, I’ve made a point to get her in before he gets here, or not even let her out until after he’s come and gone. He makes it pretty easy for me, because he parks his truck at the corner (we’re the 2nd house from the corner) and goes down the opposite side of my street and then comes back down our side, giving me ample time to get her in before he gets here.

There’ve been a couple days where he came early or late and I didn’t get her inside in time, so he didn’t deliver our mail. Ok, fine – I understand that.

But this week, I went out to bring her in and he was approaching the neighbor’s house and called out in a really sarcastic tone, “Oh you don’t even have to bother today, I didn’t even bring your mail. It’s still on the truck.”

I saw red.

This asshole saw her out in my front yard when he parked and elected to leave my mail in the truck and not even attempt to deliver it, knowing good and damned well that with my car in the driveway, and my front door open, I was home and probably watching for him!

Like I told his supervisor (and yes, I brought the dog in and went immediately to the post office) I completely understand him not approaching my house if I mess up and she’s still out there when he gets to my house. But to elect to leave my mail on his truck a good 20 minutes before he’ll be at my house is him not even trying to do his job!

If I had the money, I’d fence my front yard and hang the damn mailbox on the outside of the fence, negating the need to even come in my yard. But I don’t, so I told his supervisor that he’d better damn well carry my mail down the other side of my street and back down mine, giving me the ample time available to get my dog in the house before he gets here. No more leaving it on the truck bullshit!

So, tell me – what have you had it with this week?