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FedUpFridayAs a public service promoting good mental health, I’ve decided to add a Mr. Linky to Fed Up Fridays so that you can vent and whinge and expunge your mental, spiritual and emotional yuck along with me each week. Just like poppin’ a zit, sometimes you just gotta get that yuck out. Consider Fed Up Fridays your weekly life-force exfoliation.

By taking a stand and saying, “Enough is enough!” to whatever is yankin’ your chain, you take back your power and break free of the negativity that wants to weigh you down and suck the life out of you.

Doing it alone is good, but doing it together gives us all a chance to give each other support, a pat on the back, an ‘Amen!’, or simply a ‘hey, I hear you!’ when it’s needed most. While some might want to say I’m encouraging ‘misery loves company’ with this, I call, “Bullshit!” I say this is a way to find strength in numbers, a way to find others out here who choose to see the glass half full and encourage others to do the same leading by example.

And if that’s all a bit too lofty for you, then hey – I’m pretty sure by participating you’ll get some visitors to your blog and a chance to vent. Consider the rest icing on the cake. 😉

So, come on – let it all out! Vent with me, won’t you?