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Look out world – Suzanne’s shit-bucket is full and it’s time to dump it out and start over.

I now declare Fridays on SuzanneSays… to be “Fed Up Friday” wherein I shall vent, whinge, bitch, moan and otherwise talk shit until I relieve enough mental constipation (a.k.a. pressure, self-induced or otherwise) that I give up the notion of beating the children, kicking the dog, and throwing the cats at the opposite wall.

Ok, maybe that was a bit overstated, but you get my drift.

Oh and how appropriate is this? As I sit here typing, about to explain myself, I get a phone call summoning me to a neighborhood bar to rescue some intoxicated friends who’ve let their designated driver get shitfaced.

But I shall return to finish this post and give it the love and care in explanation that it most assuredly deserves. Let me now go make the streets of Tulsa a safer place, if only for just one night.