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FedUpFridayNo one is more surprised than me to hear me say this (see me type this, rather) but clutter is really getting on my last nerve these days.

For those of you who saw my house before the fire, you’re probably laughing your ass off and blowing whatever you’re drinking out your nose right now, having just read that. I mean, we filled two 35ft dumpsters FULL of the crap from my house…just the contents folks, I’m not talking demolition yet. And my house is only 1,100 sq. ft. for cryin’ out loud.

But since the fire, I’ve enjoyed all kinds of bare, horizonal surfaces. I am now spoiled. I cannot stand clutter (the appearance of my desk may try to tell another story, but don’t be fooled.) It really grates on my nerves.

So yesterday, in the process of getting all new windows, I discovered (and annihilated) several hidden areas of clutter. Since we had to move furniture, I’m taking the opportunity today after they leave to shampoo the carpet before I put things back where they belong.

I’m sure I’ll always battle clutter in some form, but the stronghold it had on this house for so many years is over!

What’s got you bugged today?