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Social networking is great for reconnecting with old friends and distant family members, and even for making new business contacts, and I do all of that with it. But there is a humbling downside to it – at least on Facebook, anyway: Your ‘friends’ can post pictures of you, tag you in those pictures and share them with all their friends – and you can’t do anything about it, except laugh along.

Look what I found this morning when I logged into Facebook, posted by my sister:


Yep – that’s me, at 11, in 1975 in my flowered swimsuit. (Peggy, this one’s for you, since I long ago promised you a picture from my past.)

Interesting, isn’t it, that this is the only kind of bathing suit I seem to be able to find 35 years later on the fat, middle-aged women swimsuit rack. I swear to you I saw this same print in Wal-Mart last week.