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September 6 – September 29 is a Mercury Retrograde, which means we’re smack, dab in the middle of it. If you haven’t a clue what a Mercury Retrograde is, read about it here, explained beautifully by my friend, Lisa.

If you’d like to know when these periods will occur over the next couple of years – you know…so you can PLAN (gasp!) for them – my friend, Donna, published this Mercury Retrograde Table 2009-2012 earlier this year.

And to round things out, pay attention to another good friend’s daily posts over at AstroChatter as she’ll guide you through on a day-to-day basis – thanks, Pam!

It was my friend, Nancy, who first introduced me to Mercury Retrograde back in early 2008. (I was grossly uninformed where astrology was concerned before I met these fine women. But then, all I did prior was read my horoscope fairly frequently, laugh and make fun of how vague it always was.)

Nancy warned me to back up my computer, not purchase any electronics and get the oil changed and the tires checked on my car. She told me a few Mercury Retrograde snafu stories and I quickly got the point. Mercury Retrograde can feel like 3 weeks of everything you touch turning to shit. But…and it’s a BIG BUT…there is a blessing amidst the madness (as usual) and that is as Lisa describes,

During Mercury Retrograde the guidance is to do all the “re” activities – review, revise, redo, revisit, reorganize and work on projects already in process.

This is the time to complete anything you’ve left undone and a good time to look for lost or misplaced information or objects, as things often turn up during Mercury retrograde.

This is a wonderful energy for reviewing your goals, acknowledging your accomplishments and for meditation, reflection and introspection. What are your dreams and your visions for your life?

So, having temporarily gone hillbilly with solving the washer drain problem (a Mercury Retrograde problem, for sure) I have spent the week since eyeball deep in the “re” activities, as Lisa suggests. I am restructuring my business – revising, reorganizing, reviewing, all that good “re” stuff – and I’m getting some great clarity about the direction I need to take going forward.

While I’m at it, I’m going to chill out and not stress about the washer drain situation…it’ll get fixed, I’m sure.

I’ve got roughly 10 days left of this great “re” energy, and I feel so blessed to have the awareness today to take advantage of it. Thanks, Nancy, for first hipping me to it, and Lisa, Donna and Pam for increasing my understanding of how to not only “go with the flow”, but actually “be in the flow”. You all ROCK!