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I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that those Economic Stimulus checks Georgie is passing out need to be saved for use at the gas pumps here directly if we want to go anywhere by any other means than on foot. Granted, here in Tulsa, we have the lower end of the scale of gas prices, but we always have (at least as long as I’ve lived here) so our number may be lower, but it’s still going up at the same ridiculous rate as everywhere else. We had two 10-cent hikes this past week, so we’re at $3.59 for regular unleaded. I hear people talking about $5/gal by the end of summer. Well, folks, if that happens, no one will ever have a problem finding a good time to drop by to visit me…I’ll always be here!

BabySis and her hubby bought a digital camera and new living room furniture with theirs. A friend of mine spent hers paying off a credit card, which she promptly cut up and threw away (go girl!) And I will be playing catch-up on some bills and will hopefully ferret away enough to take the kids to the drive-in next weekend (if they decide to play anything worth paying money to see, that is.)

I know I’m just a rabble-rouser saying this out loud, but doesn’t it kinda piss you off that the government passes out money and openly encourages us all to go blow it? Every news broadcast I’ve seen since the checks were announced has openly said they hope we’ll all go shopping with them. God forbid we use them to dig ourselves out of the debt-hole most of us have dug for ourselves. Economic stimulus, my ass.