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pittsburgh_steelers_logoFor the 3rd time in a row, my DVR has left me hangin’. Not funny. Particularly when it’s my Steeler games it’s leavin’ me hangin’ with…UGH!

Since we won the SuperBowl last year (at least I suspect that’s the reason) I get to see more of their games. Usually, I have to put up with the Cowboys, Chiefs and Broncos….BLECH….but this year, so far all of their games have been televised here.

Since I live the erratic life I live, I record the games so I can be sure to get to see them. Except, my dumb butt needs to adjust the recording settings to record extra time at the end, because on all three of the recordings, so far, it quit just minutes before the games were over. Today, there was 1:01 left on the clock and we were up 20-15. I about came undone! Turns out, the final score was 23-20. We lost. UGH.

So, now we’re 1:2. The stupid Ravens are undefeated and, by extension, first in our division. We’re not off to a good start.