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I just finished Between the Bridge and the River and let me just say – that book is one I’m now going to BUY and read again.

Yeah, it’s like that.

It’s the kind of book I imagine myself writing one day. In fact, having read this book, I may well one day actually write my book, now that this one has paved the way.

Ok, I know I’m rambling, and I must beg your forgiveness, but Craig is now elevated several levels in my eyes.

I already thought he was awesome. I already love his voice and his wacky sense of humor and his peculiar perspective on life. But to find out that such a book came out of his brain? Craig Ferguson is the shiznit!

Now, if you get and read his book and you don’t “get it”, that only means you haven’t dealt with addiction, or seriously low self-esteem, or any number of the other issues swirling in and around and beyond the pages of this book. It’s full of allegory, some (or much) of which you might not fully understand. Or you might “get” the gems of insight and on the next page find yourself thinking, “Wow, Craig, I don’t think I’d have written that…” Or you might decide you need your own copy to read again when the mood moves you.

Just don’t ask to borrow mine, ok?