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I was out and about this morning, meeting the football coach at the bank to sign papers making me the official Treasurer of the Booster Club, and got a phone call from Oldest Son saying he was at my house. They didn’t work today, even though it’s not raining, so he came to do some work in my yard and play around on one of the computers.

Since he and I rarely get any time to do anything just the two of us these days, I invited him out on a lunch date at our favorite Chinese buffet. When we got back Fresh Air and PDD came in (PDD had spent the night over at Fresh Air’s house last night) so I seized the opportunity to have Fresh Air take a picture of me and Oldest Son (also a rarity!) He never smiles openly in pictures these days because he’s got major issues with his teeth, but at least he doesn’t look like he’s pissed at the world. And I’m not going to be a choosy beggar – he agreed readily to the picture and that’s blessing enough for me!