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Ok, so more than one person has told me recently I need to “get out more”. One even suggested I make it a New Year’s Resolution to find a man. (Oy vey!) I admit, the idea of having someone special in my life is appealing…I think.

So how to find him?

Assuming I can wrap my head around the idea of going “hunting”, where do I look?

Bars and clubs are not for me. Been there, done that, ended badly. The produce section of the grocery store has yielded nothing, so far. But, having watched one of my favorite movies again this evening (“Must Love Dogs”) I got to thinking about online dating. I would be so totally ok with finding a John Cusack out there somewhere, ya know?

I found a site for Singles that compares online dating sites and matchmaking services. What’s cool about this site is that it reviews all the major dating sites and categorizes them for you, so if you’re just looking for a date, you won’t inadvertently end up on a site that focuses on long-term relationships. And yes, amazingly enough, there are sites out there that cater to people in relationships looking for a fling on the side, for example, but points them out (a lot less judgmentally than I would, I might add.) But I appreciate that, because I can steer clear of these kinds of sites, if I decide to give online dating a try in this lifetime.

It’s also got a section called Dating Digest that includes articles on dating topics from Speed Dating for Seniors to How to Find Your Soulmate and a whole lot more.

I think for now, I’ll read their articles and call it good. 🙂