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pittsburgh_steelers_logoOk, I’m guessing it would not surprise some of you to find out I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, through and through. So, to tell you that 24 hours later, I’m STILL grinning about them winning their SIXTH Super Bowl yesterday (take THAT, Dallas Cowboysgirls!)…well, I’m guessing that wouldn’t be much of a shock either.

After a busy, busy Monday full of work, I spent some time on YouTube this evening and found some Steeler-mania I’d like to share. Thanks, Karen Bobic, for starting the ball rolling with:

And then here’s one that explains WHY I like Troy so much:

He’s just so cute, isn’t he? And someone tell me…do they play the Super Bowl commercials on the big screens in the stadium, or is that something only we at home get to see? Cuz if they do, he got to see that dream that was just too far-fetched to be a dream – PLAYING in the game and BEING in one of the commercials. I hope so.

Ok folks, I could go on and on about these guys, and find you more and more Steeler videos for you to see, but it’s time to go to bed. (Lucky you! LOL)