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PhotoHunt: Narrow

This is the Oregon Trail at Guernsey, Wyoming. That’s rocks, folks. Not snow. So many wagon wheels went over these rocks, they wore a rut in them that has stood the test of time. Cool, huh?

PhotoHunt: Old-fashioned

Here is Second Son, splitting wood the ‘old-fashioned’ way with an axe. We have a splitter that we normally use, but every now and then, we both get a yen to go old school with it.

PhotoHunt: Skinny

Second Son and Prima Donna Daughter, ages 7 and 1, respectively, in the bathtub at Grandma’s. Skinny, not as in scrawny, but as in no clothes. Don’t worry, this is about as skinny as this blog gets. 🙂

PhotoHunt: Delicious

Sweet on sweeter…cake icing on baby fingers…delicious. Prima Donna Daughter and Completely Clueless at PDD’s first birthday pool party.