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No sooner than I get that last post posted, but our power went out. Not all that surprising – irritating, yes, surprising? No.

Second Son and I called it a night and went to bed. I saw and heard the power try to come back on somewhere just before dawn, so I went back to sleep figuring it would all be back on when I woke.

But, God had other plans for us.

At 6:30am, Second Son and I were startled awake by what sounded like the roof caving in. Turns out, it was a limb coming out of our walnut tree, ripping electric, phone and satellite TV service right off the house.

To make matters worse, my story is just one of thousands. The two major electric utility companies that serve this area are HOPING to have service restored to the city by the end of NEXT WEEK! Yeah…like the 21st is their HOPE. And when they do get it restored to my neighborhood, I may still be in the dark because I have to find an electrician (suddenly more valuable that doctors) who can come fix my boo-boo before electricity can be hooked back up to my house.

We had no school yesterday – no school today – probably no school for the rest of the week. Who knows about next week. Tulsa is without power.

So, here I sit in McDonald’s using Wi-Fi to get my email and send a few, post this, an feel for just a moment a little bit of normal.

I’ll be back when I can. I hope it’s soon. Send a prayer up for us, won’t you? I think we can use as many as we can get.

Meanwhile, I’ll be spending my time trying to find the blessing in this. I know there is one.