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Blog Day 2007 What is BlogDay?

BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.

With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.

#1: From the Swivellin’ Chair

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will not become a world traveler anytime soon – for a long list of diverse reasons. So, when I want to travel, but can’t, I go online and explore the world that way. I found this blog in just such an exploration the other night. The page I found first was: funny signs from around the world. What a hoot! That post had me laughing my behind off – in fact, I had to tone it down a bit for fear of waking up the kids. LOL
#2: Change Your Thoughts

Ok, confession time: I am a personal development junkie. I’m addicted. There – I said it out loud (ok, so I typed it out loud.) I’m sure this is a result of my favorite question being, “Why?” I have spent hours and hours over the course of my life (starting early in childhood, as a matter of fact) pondering the questions of life. Why am I here? (Yes, my first recollection of asking and trying to answer that question was at age 7. And yes, I was a difficult child to raise…just ask my mother – she’ll vouch for it.) Anyway – I tripped over this post in my surfing this week, and read some of the rest of the blog, and decided it was worthy of a spot in my Bloglines.

#3: Daily Writing Tips

I really am glad I found this blog! And, figuring we’re all bloggers out here, I decided to feature this blog in my list today because it has such great information for us to use in expressing ourselves. Another thing I like is that it is a collaborative effort of international diversity.

#4: PCTips Box – Tips & Tricks Central

This blog speaks to the geek in me. VERY diverse topics covered – just check out the categories in the sidebar! Something for everyone and not written in geek-speak. Another addition to Bloglines for me!


This is a new blog belonging to a friend of mine with some great information about money management, and a soon-to-be-released program called “Smart Money Manager”. I can’t wait until the release date to check it out! Read what Allan has to say about managing your money and the tribulations inherent in the process – he’s been there, done that!