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Two important blogging events coming up: Blog Action Day, October 15, 2008, where bloggers will blog to bring awareness to the issue of poverty, and Bloggers Unite for Refugees United on November 10, 2008. I will be participating in both events, and I encourage you to, too.

Blog Action Day - October 15, 2008First up is Blog Action Day on October 15th. Poverty is the topic and the Blog Action Day website has a whole page of ideas about what one person can do about poverty. I encourage you to take a look, pick one, and do it. That’s my commitment, and I’ll be blogging about my experience on the 15th.

Bloggers UniteThen, on November 10th, I’ll be participating in another Blogger Unite event, this time uniting in support of Refugees United. Refugees United is a non-profit organization that helps refugees relocate family and friends through the use of the internet. I’m committing to learning about this organization, how their search engine works and about the work they’re doing. My first thought is, “How effective can an Internet search engine be for refugees, when many of the refugees that come to mind don’t have access to the Internet?” I’m going to find out, and that’s what I’ll be blogging about on November 10th.

If you’re a blogger, too, I encourage you to participate in these events. I do believe in the idea that one person, one voice can make a difference. If we all take that stance, imagine the change we can effect working together!