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We went out to Mom & Dad’s this afternoon for a leisurely Father’s Day visit, and I took the camera along with the intention of having someone take a picture of Dad and I for you all (I’m sportin’ a new hairdo, too, and wanted to show you that, too) but did I get that accomplished?

No. Of course not.

But I did get some nice pictures of flowers which you’ll be seeing over the next few days. A shot of Dad and I is not the only shot I missed, either.

Get this: Pepper climbed the Mimosa tree to chase after the stray cat Mom & Dad have adopted and named Moondust! Yeah! the freakin’ dog was clean up in the tree! It was one of those moments that makes you think you should just live life with the camera on and ready at all times. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I’d have never believed it! But trust me, this idiot dog was way above my head. Of course, by the time I got the camera turned on and pointed her direction, she realized, “Oh shit! I’m in a tree!” and jumped back down again. Truly hilarious. The cat pretty much stays treed when we’re out there, poor thing.

Now, you know how ‘they’ say everything’s bigger in Texas? Well, I’m here to tell ya – there are some big things in Oklahoma. Mom says I’ve got these suckers at my house, that she’s seen them on my deck out back, but this is news to me. Check out these honkin’ big carpenter ants!

This is ‘life size’ too. I shit you not. These suckers are at least half an inch long, and truly could carry off not only your picnic, but your basket, too! In the ant world, these guys must be like Andre the Giant’s family or something.

So, ok, maybe I live under a rock. Maybe I spend too much time in my office and not enough outside paying attention – but still, I was pretty impressed by the size of these ants. (Not surprisingly, people are always telling me how easily entertained I can be.)