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Today was my first day back in the classroom, and it was great. A far cry from the last day I spent in the classroom (Dec. 7th when the little buggers in the last class took my car keys and hid them from me so I had to spend 45 minutes looking for them before I could leave. Ugh!)

Today, when I walked in, I was greeted with, “Hey! We missed you!” in every class.

But then, this was the 8th grade, many of whom are good friends with Second Son. This year’s 7th grade class is the bunch that took my keys last time I subbed, and this year’s 6th grade class? Zoo animals, I tell you…the whole lot of them. But the 8th grade class I can deal with. I know them, they (most of them) know me and I enjoy my days with them.

All of which further cements for me that: