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Yes, we all survived Spring Break, hallelujah! It was touch and go a couple of times, but we made it.

No stretch of days seems to pass here lately without some serious life lessons involved. Life lesson realizations, more accurately.

You know, when I made the decision to take Adopted Son in, I knew what I was up against bringing someone everyone else in the world might see as a juvenile delinquent into my home. I mean, with a 14 y/o son of my own and an 8 y/o so appropriately nick-named ‘Prima Donna Daughter’, did I really need the added drama? I actually did consider this before doing it, though my detractors would argue otherwise. And to be fair, I only have detractors in the sense that there are some who think I’ve got a screw loose for doing this. Others worry that I’ll get sucked in to the drama that is this kid’s life at the expense of my own kids’ lives, and honestly – if I weren’t me living this and were an onlooker, instead, I’d probably think the same thing.

But I am me and I am living this – in technicolor, I might add. Complete with Dolby surround sound. Meaning, I’m paying attention….loads of attention. And I’m realizing that, at the moment, the grand lesson I’m to learn with all this is to do what I can (not more) with what I’ve got (without over-extending myself) where I’m at and to be ok with that. To allow what I can do to be enough, even if it doesn’t solve everything.

Do I want to do more? Hell yes! Good grief – this is exactly what my detractors are worried about! My mother will tell you I have Stray Puppy Syndrome and it extends to people, too. And my idealism tends to make me a little Don Quixote-like, to boot.

But is it my place? No. And my detractors, bless them, don’t know I realize this.

My first priority is my own children and their needs, but what I have left over to give another, I choose to give to him. Where love and guidance are concerned, there’s plenty to go around. That’s where I choose to believe that what I have to give will be enough. That it will be enough to make a difference.