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Quick note to all you, my beloved Internets, tonight. I’m approaching 40 hours of being awake with only a 1 hour ‘nap’ last night, so I’m fading fast.

And before you do the math (and possibly hurt yourself, or me vicariously – I am in quite a fragile state right now…) yes, that means I’ve been awake since 6:30am Wednesday morning. I went to bed at 5:30am this morning for a power nap that reminded me of the days with a newborn in the house.

What had me up all night?

Don’t go getting all excited on me – no, I didn’t get any nooky – I was revamping, recreating, re-everythinging my web biz’s website. IT FREAKIN’ ROCKS NOW, if I do say so myself. Wanna see?

Check out vAssistant Services.

Oh yeah…I’m bad…baaaad to the bone, baby. (And more than a little sleep deprived, so you’ll have to forgive my uhh…’excessiveness’ tonight…k?)

For those of you who’ve seen the site prior to this incarnation of it, you know it’s gone from … being a Pinto…to being a Porsche! And what prompted me to do such an overhaul is I finally have Blogs for the Brand New or Reluctant Blogger ready for release! So, I just couldn’t release it on a blog site that looked well…not its best, shall we say? I mean, I can’t have a busman’s holiday attitude about my own site if I build sites and blogs for others for a living, ya know?

My timing is one step shy of insane, though, because PDD’s having her very first slumber party tomorrow night. Since her birthday was Monday, it kinda spoiled any plans of trying to gather together her little compadres, so tomorrow’s the night. Her Big Sister is coming, and she doesn’t know it, so that’ll be a fun surprise, too. So, since I’ve got that ahead of me, I’m going to stop typing and click publish on this sucker.

My best to you all, Internets. Sweet dreams!