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Well, I declared that back on June 21, 1981 when I was shanghaied and dumped moved here. But I was 17 at the time and had a bad attitude.

And as I’ve stated before, I’ve had plenty of time to leave, so I try to keep my disparaging remarks to a minimum. But this declaration does warm my vengeful heart just a tad.

So, to celebrate our newly declared status, Mother Nature decides to send us:


2-6 inches of it, to be exact (what an oxymoron, eh? using a word like ‘exact’ in a sentence about a weather forecast…) It’s supposed to start about midnight tonight and snow all day tomorrow. More concerning is the temperature forecast – check out that 19 on the graph…not pretty for the nearly 200,000 homes in the Tulsa area which are still without power. How much butt would it suck to have your pipes burst on top of being in the dark and freezing your ass off for over a week?

I’ll tell you – more butt than you or I can imagine, I promise you.

So, enough with the gloom and doom. Let me point out some of the positives of this situation:

1. We have our very own walk-in fridge. It was formerly my sister’s garage. We can keep inordinate amounts of milk, butter, cheese, pop, beer and all manner of other refridgerator items cold for you. Tomorrow night we’ll be able to make ice for the pop!

2. After 5 snow days off of school, there will finally be snow for my kids to play in!

3. Prima Donna Daughter’s father has power at his apartment, so she’s going over there tonight as soon as he gets home from work…which means I can spend ALL DAY at my new best friend’s place tomorrow: Barnes and Noble, drinking coffee and puttering around online. In fact, the fact that we are without power has prompted him to magnanimously offer to keep her the WHOLE weekend, not just his normal one 12-15 hr overnight.

4. At her father’s, PDD will be able to watch TV. She won’t be able to choose what she watches, necessarily, but at this point, it’ll probably take a few hours for her to care.

5. I’ve had phone calls and emails from friends and customers offering everything from a warm place to stay to loans of $ to cover extra expenses – my life is blessed with some truly wonderful people in it.

So, as I get ready to unplug, pack up and go back to my sister’s, I can tell you one thing for sure: not everything about natural disasters is bad.