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Ok, so I’m in a mood today. And I hate it, because I feel all discombobulated about nearly everything – can’t tell which end is up on anything.

This is probably not a good way to start out a blog, but it’s real, so it qualifies in my book. In fact, let me make you a few promises right off the bat:

1. I will always speak my truth, whether I think it’s politically correct, generally popular or not.

2. I welcome comments, whether you agree with me, or not. Sometimes you’ll change my mind by expressing an alternative view, other times you won’t.

3. I will cover a wide variety of topics which cross my radar, and they may, or may not have anything to do with each other, but they WILL be relevant to my life, and since we all are a part of each other, they may be relevant to you, as well.

That’s it for the promises – though I reserve the right to make more going forward.

So – ok – back to my jacked-up-ness…

I think mostly it has to do with the kids being out of school and my inability to call myself on “summer vacation” with them. It’s insane trying to get anything done around here, particularly with my 8-yr-old alternating between screaming, “I’m bored,” and cooking up all kinds of wild activities (most of which she knows will get her into trouble) to entertain herself while I work.

Another verifiable source of my jacked-up-ness is my too-damned-tight budget right now. Due to a whole list of uncontrollable circumstances, I find myself with WAY more month at the end of my money. This, in a word, SUCKS! I thought I was past all this mess.

No one is immune, apparently. And so, the challenge is this: get my attitude adjusted, get busy and add some value somewhere that will culminate in the flow of money to my bank account. (Or, my PayPal account – either is fine with me.)

Toward that end, I am hereby declaring today “Bitch and Moan Day”. I’m going to get it all out of my system so that tomorrow I can begin with a new attitude, minus the insidious whiney thoughts that keep trying to take up permanent residence in my brain. They are not welcome beyond today.

That’s all I have to say about that…