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Prima Donna Daughter has been selected as one of 20 kids in the 3rd grade (from her school) to participate in a 6-week after-school art program at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Given that she’s been drawing since she could hold a crayon in her little fingers, she’s thrilled and looking forward to it. The program begins today.

Second Son was chosen to participate in this when he was in elementary school and he really enjoyed it, too. At the end of the 6 weeks, they had an art show and a “graduation” ceremony, so I’m guessing the same will be true for PDD, this year.

So now that spring football practice is underway and SS has to stay after school ’til 4:30p on Tuesdays and Fridays, my Tuesdays just gained an hour and a half of peace. PDD usually gets home by 3pm, but now won’t be home on Tuesdays until 5:45pm.

I shall just sit and soak up the silence.