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Thanks to the Thirty Day Challenge introducing me to Bloglines (STILL can’t believe I didn’t know about that one!), I am now reading more blogs on a regular basis than ever before! While this has certainly expanded more than one of my horizons in the last two weeks, it has definitely added to my already out-of-control time wasting proclivities!

But how can connecting on a pseudo-personal level with other like-minded women be considered a waste of time? Blasphemy! At worst, it’s just not the BEST use of my time, considering my financial “issues” of the moment. At best, I find I am not alone in my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants method of living life. Maybe it’s the ‘pseudo’ that gives it such a bad connotation…

While I would love to develop a “plan” for this blog, as this is what all the ‘real’ bloggers out there in the blogosphere say I should do, I rail against the idea, probably as much out of the love of defiance, in general, than anything else. (I am a rebel who lost track of her cause a long while back…)

I can assure you one thing: thank your lucky stars they have not yet (to my knowledge) come up with a way for me to publish my thoughts directly – I mean like without requiring the use of my fingers to type. I’m sure one day there will be such a way, but until then, enjoy your protected state that the filters installed in my brain and central nervous system create for you. Otherwise, this blog would be one big, “Shit! Did I say that outloud??”