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Madame M says we can self-tag on this one, too, so here I go:

1. I, too, have great eyes. I’ve always thought so. They are expressive and a wonderful kaleidoscope of colors blended together into what the DMV calls brown. They don’t know – they don’t pay attention.

2. I have one bodacious set of ta-tas. (Dating myself with that phrase, I realize.) Any bigger and they’d be too big. Any smaller, they would not be bodacious.

3. I like my positive outlook on life. Lord knows it should have been beaten into submission years ago, but it’s still here and I’m grateful!

4. I like that I am VERY intuitive. I like seeing the connections between things that others don’t necessarily see.

5. I am a good friend, loyal to a fault. I will listen and help anyway I can.

6. I like my sense of humor. It’s always there, filtering what happens in my life, helping me laugh instead of cry.

7. I like how well I write and how well-read I am. It’s good to be articulate, even if some think I’m a brainiac.

8. I like my extensive vocabulary. I like words, and you can tell.

9. I like that it takes a LOT to get my goat. I’m really easy going, adaptable and flexible. I have a long fuse, but look out when I blow!

10. I like how fast I learn new things. It’s come in mighty handy over the course of this life!

There you go – 10 things I like about me, and I wasn’t even embarrassed to list them. 🙂